Working on Superherodom


First off, I finally indulged in a small whim of mine to have a reason for taking photos of all sorts of saguaro. I kind of fell in love with those weird, alien-like towering buggers when we first moved here and noticed right away that each and every one of them is so different. They all seem to have their own personalities and stories.

So I decided to update myself to 2010 and made a tumblr and will now use it to fill up the internet with more saguaro photos. Because the internet always needs more saguaro photos. In Search of the Elusive Cactopodes. It might get a little silly.

Second off, I am well on my way to my goal of becoming a superhero. Our box had a Crossfit Football Total workout on Saturday, which consisted of finding our one rep max on four different lifts: power clean, squat, bench press, and deadlift. I went in nervous, since I’d only been half-heartedly training two of those lifts (squat & deadlift), but also hopeful. These numbers, after all, are what I would be basing the next few months of my training on. And they would give me a much better idea of where I am, strength-wise.

I ended up PR’ing three out of the four (PR = personal record, i.e. personal best). I might have jumped up and down a little bit after completing knocking my last PR for cleans out of the water. 115#! As you may remember from my list of goals, I only have five pounds to go until I hit 120#. I’m pretty sure I could hit that now; I was mostly too surprised I had successfully made it over a hundred.

Overall I hit 115# on the clean, 185# on the back squat, 95# on the bench, and 205# on the deadlift for a total of 600#. I’m pretty pleased with that, although a little disappointed with my deadlift – my last 1RM was 215#.

Now I have something a little more concrete to work with for the next few months. And some pretty sore quads. 🙂


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