In the Year 2013

september-317 We rang it in east-coast style with the dregs of the champagne bottle we had just been using to get through another terrible twilight movie (why oh why oh why?). Despite some last minute attempts, it was just us and the kitties.

It’s a beautiful (cold) morning and I’m thinking about my resolutions. I need to get a real plan going, so this morning I will cuddle up with a notebook & some cats and & see what I can do about breaking this shit down. Into actionable steps. Except I really dislike that word. Actionable. Bite-sized nuggets? Things to cross off on a list towards awesome? Anyway, the little things that I can do daily, because it really is what you do daily that gets done.

So to keep it simple (stupid), I have two major goals for the year:
– Receive 50 rejections
– Become a superhero

The first is a lot more complicated than it looks and the second is a lot simpler than it looks. The first means sending out at least 50 queries, since not all agents respond (timely, or ever), as well as writing said queries and finishing the edits on my manuscript. I’m giving myself January to finish those edits (the last quarter needs the most work right now), February to tie up loose ends, hand the final draft to betas, and write a query letter, and March to begin the process of researching agents and submitting. Unlike last time I’m going to do my research & submissions simultaneously because so much can change with an agent in such a short time and I don’t want to have to constantly double check everything. Which is what I was doing last time. Which was what was making it a much more complicated affair than it needed to be.

For checks on this one, I’m mostly going to use my blog to incentivize, by posting every time I get a rejection. It’ll be exciting! …right?! I mean, everyone loves reading about someone else’s failures!

The second means successfully back squatting BW# x 10, deadlifting 240# x 3, and power cleaning 120#. Oh, and learning and playing & singing along to a song on the ukulele. Because superheroes need to be more than just strong, that’s why. I’ve already started on my method for reaching the first half of this goal, which is adding in 2 or more strength sessions a week by using the gym near work and hitting our box on the weekend. I just need to be consistent and keep at it.

Other things I will be doing in 2013 that aren’t so much goals/resolutions as Things that Will Happen:
– hike Hadrian’s wall
– turn 27
– write/edit another novel
– run several 5k’s (aiming for four this year, which is one more than last year)
– thoroughly hike the immediate area (with friends!)
– pet kitties
– continue to struggle with work/life/rest balance
– dream big.

Happy 2013.


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