Sundays in the Kitchen


Things that are exciting to discover on a Saturday evening when you really don’t want to go weightlifting (because you don’t want to leave the house) but you’ve been putting it off all day: the gym opens at 5am on Sunday. I’m not going to ask why the hell they’re open that early, but will accept it as a gift (horse) from the universe and put my (early) Sunday mornings to good use from here on out.

Good use like this morning’s, where we squatted:
5 reps @ 65% max
5 reps @ 75% max
then as many as possible at @85% max (7! Could’ve possibly done one more, but I was pretty surprised that I managed that many)

And then the same for strict press, where my @ 85% was a measly two reps.

Why in the name of all that’s good would being able to go and weightlift crazy early be a bonus on Sunday morning? Well, because the rest of the day we spend in the kitchen, cooking, and that means the other first thing we do is go grocery shopping.

Ever since my first Whole30, we’ve been migrating more and more of our weekly cooking to Sunday, to the point that now, almost every meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – is prepped and ready by evening Sunday. I’d recommend to anyone who can find a few extra hours on the weekend – or during the week – to just go ahead and make an extra meal or double what you’re making and snowball from there. The effort it takes to do that once you’re already cooking something else is fairly negligible, especially when compared to doing so later in the week.

For this week we made comfort noodles with our excess CSA zucchini, cottage flower pie (except with chicken instead of ground beef and turnips instead of cauliflower), chicken broth (from the chicken carcass), roasted brussel sprouts & bacon, salmon & turnip greens (nothing special), and then sausage and roasted sweet potatoes for breakfasts.

But of course, that’s all for this week. Tonight for dinner I’m having ice cream, melted chocolate chips, and rum. Because how else to better prepare for soul-crushing Kelly at dawn o’clock tomorrow?

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