My Gluten-Free Experiment


After the baking and stress and writing and such of November, and getting ahead of the same in later December, I knew I needed to spruce up my eating habits a bit and get things back under control. I was pretty easily winded at crossfit and my pants I’d just bought in October were suddenly too tight and I was just feeling over-all puffy and blah.

But I didn’t want to go on another whole30, even if it was more like a whole14. I didn’t want to be that restrictive considering I’m fairly convinced dairy is no problem for me and I’ve already dropped soy and beans from my diet. That left grains, which I wasn’t fully willing to let go of either. I know they the place of otherwise nutritious food in one’s meal, but I wasn’t fully convinced that I actually had a physical problem with them.

Naturally, I decided to see. Since I can never do the reintroduction phase of the whole30 properly – I get too excited and eat everything prohibited at once (see: birthday tiramisu) – I’d never before had a chance to see how gluten by itself affected me. But fluctuations in my eating patterns over the last year have kind of given me a clue. So keeping everything else the same, I would remove gluten for a few weeks and see what happened.

I started last week, notably with that gluten free very flat bread. And as the week has progressed, I’ve already noticed changes. A lot of the puff is gone and my pants fit again. I’d been getting increasingly frequent headaches over the past month, but none this week. My workouts improved incrementally to the point where Friday I felt mostly like my old self again – although whether or not this is because we have been expecting to do Kelly (400m run, 30 box jumps, 30 walls balls, 5 times) every single class this week and have not and subsequently whatever was actually on the board for the workout seemed relatively easy is up for debate.

The real proof will be how I feel in another week and another after that. I’m certainly not going out of my way to eat stellar in other respects – last night for dinner I had ice cream & rum, after all – but not eating gluten also means that making a big batch of cinnamon rolls or coffee cake on Sunday hasn’t been happening, which by itself makes a difference.

I don’t know how I feel about the success so far, either, since I rather like making gluten-tastic baked goods. I have two more weeks to see and know for sure. I guess I can always make it my new mission to develop the most fantastic gluten free cupcakes ever. 🙂


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