Achievements Unlocked

Between National Novel Writing Month, Whole30, training failing to train for a 5k, job seeking, working two jobs, and the overall stress of my current job ending, I have been endlessly busy the past few weeks, to the detriment of this blog. But that busyness has not seen me shirking my goals, both in fitness and writing. On the contrary, in the last few weeks I have levelled up in a number of new and exciting ways:

  1. On Thanksgiving, I ran my first successful 5k. My personal definition of success was not stopping to walk and finishing the race. I did both, finishing in 34min with 11min/miles and even jumping over each and every hurdle. Not that there were many of them, but a lot of the other girls in the race went around them. How did it feel? Pretty freaking awesome. I’ve mentioned before that I ran cross country in high school, but I never completed a race without having to walk. I feel like I can do anything now, and I already have my sights set on my next 5k in January and am setting up a training schedule to get down to 10min/miles. Plus, there’s that 7 mile Sabino Canyon Run to aim for in April… oh the races I’ll run!
  2. 10 consecutive push-ups! I celebrated back in October when I managed my very first full push-up and now I’m celebrating again with 10! They seem so easy now; no wonder all those other fit kids were always so flabbergasted that I couldn’t do a push-up. It’s already hard to remember just how freaking difficult one measly push-up used to be.
  3. 150lbs! I have not seen this number since before middle school, which is when I ballooned out to 180lbs at 5’6″. 150lbs at 5’8″ is safely in the “healthy” zone and I am happy enough with that number. However, it does make me curious to see what the number right below it looks like, because I seriously cannot remember a time I was 140-anything. I’m certain it happened – I had to have blown past it growing up – but I cannot remember it.
  4. Dresses! I can wear them! In the past, no store-bought dress would fit me because on top I was a size small, but on the bottom I was a size large, so every dress was either too tight around the hips and thighs or so large in the bust I could have hidden a miniature elephant. But now that I’m a size small on top and a size medium on the bottom, there are dresses out there which actually fit me. I could roll with delight.
  5. Failure. Yes, failure is an achievement. I failed to write my short stories every day for NaNoWriMo. I then failed to finish the story that grew out of one of those short stories, opting instead to spend my last 15k finishing up the story I was writing in Sept-Oct. What with everything going on, even I have limits creatively and short stories just stretched me way too far. In the future, I think I may set aside a month to really work on the craft of short stories and tone down the quantity requirement a notch. I did learn some things – that is, I can write a few of them and the format is actually quite gratifying what with being able to tie up a story within a week – but I also learned that I am primarily a novel writer because I enjoy spending time with my characters.
  6. Diet. I completed another Whole30, although with less success than last time. But I think more of the lessons will stick around now and I think a primarily paleo diet isn’t out of the question.

I’m looking forward to failing more and unlocking some achievements associated with writing in the upcoming month. Here’s to 20 consecutive pushups and a 30min 5k!


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