A New Whole30

There is a new Whole30 starting today and I am jumping back on the bandwagon. Why? you may ask. The first one in August was so successful and I learned so much from that – why would I need to do it again? Or put a better way, why the hell would I put myself through that a second time?

It’s true, I really don’t need to. I’ve been eating so much better. My typical day is still mostly paleo, with the odd dairy and bread thrown in as an afterthought. I’m down to 154 pounds without trying or even noticing. I’m only a little tired in the afternoons. I’ve pretty much become a whole30 convert since that second week of August.

So if I’m not doing it for the health benefits – since I’m already practically daily paleo – then why do it? Why go back to the severe restrictions?

Well, three reasons. Number one, I would really like to pay attention to my energy levels this time around. The first time I coupled caffeine deprivation with the whole30 plan and was really tired for a week, then fairly evenly energetic. This time I’m going to keep my coffee-a-day habit and see if cutting out the grains and dairy has any affect on my energy levels. That has been the major difference between being on and off the plan in the past two months – I’ve noticed my afternoon sleepy time has made a comeback in a big way. Now, is that because I had a slab of bread and cream soup the night before or rice with my lunch or is it because I’m hitting my caffeine low of the day? I’d really like to know. The answer means the difference between a cup of coffee every morning and… not.

Number two, I’m training for a 5k on the 24th of November, the day after this iteration of whole30 ends. I want to give that training every boost it can get, and if that means cleaning up my diet, so be it. (Yes, this also means my foot is doing much better, so much so that I’ve clocked a handful of 2.5 mile runs in the last two weeks. For the girl who was celebrating being able to finally run a mile back in August, this is making me giddy. Here’s to three miles by November!)

Number three, family. I went out to visit my parents a weekend back and was struck by how damaging my mother’s diet is. She’s been dealing with a yo-yoing weight problem for as long as I can remember, and she has tried every diet under the sun to no avail: South Beach, raw food, liquid, you name it. During my childhood, we were either not allowed to eat sugary cereal or were invited to partake in a dozen box of Krispy Kreme donuts. It has always been on again, off again, for both of us, and I’m hoping that the whole30 will be her final on again, as it was for me. We’re doing this whole30 together and I’m crossing my fingers that my results weren’t just a fluke.

My fiance is also partaking again, this time hopefully for more than three days. 🙂 She saw how her weight came off when she was on it, how it leveled when she veered off it, and how it is still slowly creeping down because of our new and better eating choices. It will be interesting to see what happens when she fully commits for the thirty days.

So that’s where I am, with my reasons, and we are, with my family. I will post more tips and recipes this time around, since I am a bit better prepared and have those recipes on hand.


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