It’s Been a Month: 1k/day Update


That’s how many words I wrote from when I started this challenge on August 31 through the last day of September. I finished one novel I had had on the backburner for over a year and picked up another one that had already been a quarter started. And I’m still going strong.

I have to admit, it hasn’t been straight through like it sounds. One day in the very first week I only wrote 113 words. And that was on a Saturday. I had the time but somehow I found an excuse and I haven’t allowed myself to find that excuse again.

I also wrote two short character explorations when I couldn’t bear the thought of trying to force my way through a certain plot point. Although they’ll never be usable as stand-alone works, they helped to inform the story at hand, clean up some confused motivations, and bring me back on track. So although it looks like I am just steamrolling through these big works-in-progress, I’m still struggling to the point where I have to stop and switch tracks. It is writer’s block, but I only let it be writer’s block for that one work. I don’t let it be an excuse not to write that day.

Writing every single day for the last thirty-one days has helped me to force through that initial resistance. I can jump in easily where I left off because it’s still fresh in my mind. And if I have a bad day today, that’s fine, because I’ll be writing again tomorrow and the day after that and one of these days I’ll hit a nerve and be unable to stop myself from writing one or two thousand extra words.

After this, NaNoWriMo will feel like a breeze.


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