Ouch: Or When Not to be Stubborn

A day after I write about what a great job I’ve been doing and how much I’m looking forward to running more and more and maybe even doing a 5k, I give myself a stress fracture. Let this be a warning to you who get too excited. And then sprint a lot. And then keep sprinting even though your foot is starting to hurt.


So even though all of my stubborn instincts are yelling at me to tough it out you wuss, I am going to listen to some sage advice: sometimes, continuing to train on an injury is your path of least resistance, and therefore weaker than taking time off. It would be easier for the time being for me to not reconsider my October challenge and just keep running. But I know from having experienced stress fractures in the past that pushing through will only lead to excruciating hobbling pain and a much, much longer recovery time.

So, alas, as much as I wish this happened not at all or at least later in the month (then I wouldn’t feel like such a quitter), I am going to have to postpone my 1k/day challenge. Either that or replace it with an activity that is equally fun but won’t put any stress on my foot. Maybe swimming? Hmm.

Any ideas?


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