Ready, Set, Run! October Challenge Update

At our house, even the cats are picking up on the running craze. Or, well, trying to get some sleep while a certain someone puts shoes on them. Just so I could own up to having indulged in some pre-challenge shoe shopping, a vice which is not the norm for me. I know, I know, treating oneself with fancy red shoes will in no way aid my motivation, but well, look: they’re red!

Now that I have the obligatory cat photo out of the way for this blog, I can weigh in on my progress. Today is the third day of the challenge and I am actually looking forward to tonight’s run. I have actually been running for four days; I ran a mile Friday evening in order to have a time with which I could assess my progress. I even got myself a fancy ten dollar watch with which to time myself. I hit that start button and was off, then hit it again when I reached the 1k point. And I must be fast, because that sucker read 00:00. How could I possibly ever improve that time?

After I got over my disappointment, I kept running and finished a mile, then went home and pouted for a while before loading up the songs I had listened to on the run and totaling their time. Fort Minor, the Darkness, and My Chemical Romance say I ran about a 12 minute mile. That sounds reasonable to me. And with plenty of room for improvement.

I’ve already noticed some improvement with my attitude towards running. I don’t dread it so much, for one, and the half mile warm-up we did for our class this morning was nothing. And I very distinctly remember having to run a half mile back in July and nearly perishing from both the thought and the action.

It’s still too early to really say anything about my progress or the challenge, but I’m stoked. I can very much do this. I’m so stoked, in fact, that I have considered signing up for a 5k in November. I have until the end of October to register, so I am going to wait at least another week and see how the running progresses first. I would very much love to run a 5k and actually complete it without walking. That, I believe, is a good and firm and attainable goal, one which I can complete prior to the New Year.

Only then can I really say whether or not running is for me.


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  1. ‘Ready, Set, Run! October Challenge Update’ : Running – one of the most time efficient ways to keep fit. Good luck!

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