Whole 30: Visible Results

About a week before I started the Whole30 diet, I took a handful of photos of myself as a sort of “before” evidence. At that time, I hadn’t quite stumbled upon Whole30 itself, but I was considering stepping up my diet from the simple low-carb one I’d been doing, and which wasn’t working. We were also three weeks into Crossfit and I wanted to have some evidence that, even though day to day everything looked the same, things were getting better. I hadn’t intended to actually show them anywhere. But then, I hadn’t even fantasized that four weeks could make such a visible difference.

But I have to put in the caveat that I really hadn’t been intending to show these, because they’re pretty awful photos. I fancy myself a fairly decent photog, but I didn’t have the time or patience to set up something more asthetically pleasing and the only full-length mirror in our apt is in my cluttered office. That said, I also haven’t photoshopped or altered these at all except to crop them a bit and fix the white balance.

Before, I was doing crossfit and trying really hard (and failing) to stick to a low-carb, 1200 cal/day diet. But I was not getting anywhere.

Now, I’m doing crossfit still and not counting calories, but also avoiding delicious things like bread and cookies and cheese. I’ve got a week left to go, but with this kind of awesome, I’m definitely going to not let myself fall face-first into a box of donuts.

(I think it’s pretty funny how much my posture has improved, too. I tried to emulate that weird-ass pose in the before photo, but just couldn’t figure out how I did that.)


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  1. Oh my god – I cant believe the difference in just 4 weeks, thats amazing – you look great! Your wait looks so much smaller and your tummy is so flat – go you, I am impressed (and hopeful)!

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