Whole 30: Week Three Review

Yes! Three weeks down, one to go!

Not much has changed between this week and the week before. The biggest change was making a big batch of lasagna and quiche on Sunday so that we wouldn’t have to cook 2+ hours a day. Especially since now we’re doing Crossfit at 5:30am, which leaves little time before work. Certainly not enough time to make both breakfast and lunch and cut up fruit for snacks.

So far that has been a wonderful change. Instead of slaving over the stove for two hours every night like we did last week (which was a real bummer and drain, believe me), we just slice out a little lasagna and shove it into a tupperware, to be dragged out of the fridge in the morning.

The recipe for the lasagna, by the way, is excellent. You can find the recipe here. It is a bit time intensive – it took 3 hours from start to finish with two of us chopping. Granted, half of that was simply the cooking time, so you can relax and do other things then. It also makes a lot – I think I counted out about seven or eight servings from our batch, which will almost get us through the week. Oh, and you have to remember to soak the cashews overnight. Lest you have more of a crunchy cashew cream, like we got. Oops.

The quiche we made was fairly simple. Just eight eggs + sauteed onion, mushrooms, garlic and spinach. That only made four servings, so we’re already out of it. Next time I’ll double it so we can get through the week. Sixteen eggs sure does sound like a lot, but two people eating two eggs a day sure adds up. Whew!

The photo at the top is of my Sunday breakfast, which was my own concoction and delicious. It’s scrambled eggs with onion, red pepper and spinach with a dash (or three) of coconut milk and a few tsps of curry powder. Complete with a smattering of cashews on top. I just love all the colors in this one, plus it’s really simple, fast and easy, plus the bonus of mixing up your usual scrambles. I would give you the recipe, but really it’s just: chop things, suate things, add eggs, add coconut milk and spices, stir a bit, and serve. That sums up most of my ad hoc meals, actually. 🙂

Physically, I’ve been dragging more than usual the last week. I don’t know if it’s the diet or the switch-up of the WOD to 5:30am. I bet it’s probably the latter. I’ve been a little less sore than usual after a WOD, but I haven’t noticed any substantial change in my workouts. I’m getting more confident with them, but that’s about it. Weight-wise, I’m down to 157 and my goal of 155 by next Tuesday is looking highly attainable. Fat-wise, I’ve noticed my belly pudge doesn’t stick out like it used to and some of my skirts are riding lower. I’ll have to try on my pants sometime and see if they fit again.

One more week! Then I will have to be very careful and not give in to the temptation to go hog-wild with food on my birthday. One margarita should be fine, though, right? …right?


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