Whole 30: Week Two Review

Week two saw a noted decline in any scone or coffee cravings. I simply don’t think about food as much. It’s actually kind of weird to go about my day not thinking about all the delicious things I have waiting for me at home or for a snack – before I would be constantly checking the clock to see whether it was time to have a snack yet. Overall, there’s been a definite mental shift towards just eating when I’m hungry and only until I’m full. Which is good, very good for me, actually, considering my tendency to eat the whole package of cookies in one go. I have poor impulse control when it comes to food, especially when it’s right there, yet even when faced with a whole buffet of cookies and muffins and cheese this weekend, it was easy for me to say “no.”

I still can’t decide if continuing it through the weekend was the best or worst idea ever. We went north to visit my fiancee’s sister and attend her baby shower, which had the foreboding theme: “sugar and spice…” With that warning, at least it was no surprise that the food at the shower consisted of cookies and donuts and muffins and spicy quiche with cheese. Beyond the shower, there was also figuring out what to eat away from home and ignoring the siren-call of Caribou coffee, my absolute favorite chain coffee store ever.

So on the one hand, I managed to not eat a single cookie, brownie, cake, muffin or sugar-laden caffeinated beverage the entire trip. On the other hand, I didn’t get to eat a single cookie, brownie, cake, muffin or sugar-laden caffeinated beverage from Caribou. I had a lot of fruit instead. A lot. Of fruit.

My weight-loss has slowed considerably after that first week. I think there are a few things beside the diet itself to blame for this. One being that we only went to crossfit once last week, since we left on Thursday and another being that while on our vacation I did a lot less walking and exercising than I normally do. We did run, though, and I managed to run a full, unbroken mile for the first time since… well… high school, probably. But while I didn’t lose any weight over the past week, I also didn’t gain any, which is a lot to be said considering all the delicious temptations I endured over the long weekend. Huzzah!

But today I am down to 159, the first time I have been under 160 in well over two years. Something is definitely working here.

This diet has been going so swimmingly that I’m already re-envisioning my first meal off the diet and it looks nothing like the scone and ice cream and quinoa stuff I originally had in mind. I’ve even begun thinking about life after this Whole30 experiment, and I’m only halfway through. Will I continue to eat this much meat? Probably not. But will I continue to avoid dairy and grains as much as possible? Probably. It’s an elimination diet, so you’re not supposed to continue eating this strictly forever, but the Whole30 main website has a dedicated community that does. Still, if when I reintroduce the various banned foods they don’t give me any problems, I’ll add them back into my diet. In a reasonable amount, of course.



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