Whole 30, Day 2

Yesterday was my first day on the Whole 30, but I hope to be forgiven for not posting because it was also my first day off coffee. And I spent all day in a half daze, falling asleep whenever my head so much as tipped forward, and grumpy from the withdrawal headache. It was not a good day.

I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with coffee over the past few years. I started drinking it when I was eleven, after discovering the absolute divinity of cappuccinos. I had at least one coffee every day for the next ten years, when I had my first panic attack. Suddenly, coffee was giving me heart palpitations and making me anxious. I cut it out, but at the time I had the help of caffeine from tea to ease my withdrawal.

As my anxiety abated and stayed mostly gone, coffee began to creep back into my life again. A cup in the morning here, an espresso there, and then I was back to my morning cup. It’s just so delicious. Problem is, my anxiety came back as well.

So with the already restrictive diet of the Whole30, I thought I’d tack on eliminating caffeine. Just for the 30 days. But that means, unlike last time, that I don’t even get a cup of earl grey to see me through the day. There is no way I could go off caffeine permanently – I love my assam and sencha almost as much as I love peaberry and kona now. But I can do it for 30 days. And the hardest day, the day when I was the most useless blob of flesh, is over. I’m still sleepy, but at least I’m functional.

As for the who the diet itself is going: swimmingly. Sunday was the most exciting day, when we went grocery shopping and I piled a ton of fruit and vegetables into our cart. I couldn’t wait for Monday to start so that I could eat all that fruit! See, before this diet I had been attempting a low-carb diet and fruit are nearly impossibly on such a diet. What a bummer, when it’s summer and fruit season is in full force. How could I miss out on all the cheap and delicious strawberries, blueberries, blackberries? That’s cruel and unusual punishment, is what it is.

For the curious, this was my meal plan yesterday:


  • A handful of strawberries
  • Two egg omelet with spinach, onion, zucchini filling and a dollop of salsa on top



  • Paleo Chili, with ground chicken breast in place of turkey

I also snacked on an apple, a banana, a handful of almonds and a bowl of romaine lettuce throughout the day. Since I made a big batch of the chili on Sunday, I’ll likely be eating that for dinner for the next few days. I also still have leftover curry and cauliflower rice from yesterday, so my meal plan today will be virtually the same. According to the Daily Plate, I hit my goal of 1200 calories yesterday, although I didn’t factor in our workout at crossfit.

Also for the record, I started at 164lbs and 25.4% body fat. We’ll see what that looks like in the coming weeks. 🙂



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