An Introduction

I’m a twenty-something secretary who wields her Classics major like it actually means something. You got some Jordanes? I can translate that for you.

I’m also a writer and a photographer and a sing-while-baking-er and a hiker and a biker and a crossfiter and a DIY-er wannabe. I like to make things, be it cupcakes, picnic baskets, novels or photos. You’ll find all those things and more here.

I also really, really love books, so much so that I started National Novel Reading Month last year. I’m a fantasy reader (give me some Rothfuss and Priest any day), but I dabble in other genres. You’ll find reviews and musings here, too, because if there’s anything I love more than books, it’s talking about them.

But really, this blog is about my N Steps Towards Self-Embetterment and (Eventual) World Domination – including all of my missteps, failings, and doubts. I don’t presume that what I say is important to you, but I can hope it’s relevant.

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